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Make a passive silver income of up to 5 Million with this Black Desert Online economy system

Black Desert Online “Tips and Tricks” #1

Today we’re talking about Black Desert Online’s worker setup and economy systems to create a neat passive silver income – so you can spend more time playing. Have fun reading, and let us know if you have any questions!

1) Basics:

-> See this YouTube Guide if you prefer listening to the basic setup or continue reading below

1.1 General Information about workers

In Black Desert, you can hire Workers to help gather materials for you from nodes you have connected.

Hiring + Firing Workers:

Workers are shared across your family, rather than character-specific. At a larger city’s work supervisor you can spend 5 energy to see a random available worker varying in race and quality. Refreshing the random selection costs 5 energy each time. Once you have found a worker you wish to hire, you spend a sum of silver ranging from 1,500 silver to 90,000 silver to hire the worker for use out of the city your purchased it in. The worker can lodge anywhere in the region the city is in. As long as there is a node connection you can assign workers to work in other regions – but can not move a worker’s lodging to another region. That means his work efficiency will drop if he has to travel far between the place of his lodging and work place.

Certain NPC’s can sell higher tier workers if you have gained enough amity with them. The map has on the bottom right a button to open your worker management screen. It lists all workers belonging for the region selected on the map (so switch between the maps regions to manage workers in different regions!). You can fire workers through that menu if you chose so.

Assigning Jobs:

Workers can be assigned to resource nodes, workshops or banking.

To assign a worker to gather a resource and bring it back to the regions storage you need to unlock all connecting nodes between the work location and the worker’s city of origin by spending contribution points. You must also have spent contribution points on both the final location node and the resource node belonging to it (shown in the images below):

Action Points:

Workers consume Action Points from a limited pool they have. When a worker runs out of Action Points, you can either use a food item to restore their points, or let them sit idle for a long period of time to recover. Conversely, you can fire the worker and just hire a new one.

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