Gaming on Top Privacy Policy

Gaming on Top cares a lot about your privacy.

tl;dr: Gaming on Top cares about your privacy. We will absolutely never sell any of your data, not send you unrequested e-mails, and the only cookies we use are for (a) page functionality (cart, checkout, etc.), and (b) to help us understand behavior on the website (Google Tag Manager & Universal Analytics) and refine our advertising (Google Adwords, Facebook).

Gaming on Top is committed to complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”). We understand the GDPR has robust requirements and obligations for both data controllers and data processors and we are committed to a strict Privacy by Design framework and maintain a robust privacy and security program that we continually assess and improve.

We respect your privacy rights and protect all personal information provided by you. Please read below to learn how our company treats and stores your personal information.

By using our site you agree that you have read this Privacy Policy. We reserve the right to edit this document any time in the future so we encourage you to visit this site often. If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy feel free to contact us any time via our contact channels detailed here.

We only use your personal data for making the required transactions. By personal information we mean any information about you such as your e-mail address, name, phone number and other official documents you may share with us during our conversations. In some cases we require customers to send us official documents, and this is strictly for security reasons. We collect personal information to verify the accuracy of your name in order to screen for fraud.

There are several pages in our website that may direct you to other websites that do not operate under this privacy policy. When you are on any of these websites, our privacy policy no longer applies.

If you signed up for updates about new game offers, we only use your e-mail address to regularly update you about new offers in relation to the game you indicated interest in. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time through a link in the subscription confirmation e-mail or a link in every newsletter edition. In all other cases, we only use your e-mail address to contact you about order-related matters, such as order status. We will never share your personal data nor your e-mail address or in-game contact with any third parties without your explicit consent. We use technical and organisational safety precautions in order to protect your personal data from manipulation, loss, destruction or access by unauthorized people.

Our company stores all of your information on computers located in a controlled secure facility that is protected from unauthorized physical or electronic access or use. We protect the privacy and integrity of the information collected by our employees for administrative protocols. Technical safeguards and physical security controls are designed to limit access, to prevent unauthorized access and loss or manipulation of information under its control. Our methods of electronic storage is 100% secure.

Since we care about all of our customers, we treat all data in full compliance with the strictest regulation we know, the EU General Data Protection Regulation, regardless of where our customers may be located in the world. In cases that we work with third-party providers, we only work with GDPR-compliant service providers to ensure the correct handling of our customers’ data.

Gaming on Top has ZERO TOLERANCE for any case of fraud regarding payments and access to or acquisition of customer information on our website. We reserve the right to forward the fraudulent verification information such as telephone number or personal data to a payment or payment security provider such as PayPal or Skrill for further review if any trouble occurs with your payment (e.g. charge back attempts, unclear payment). Gaming on Top aggressively prosecutes to the fullest extent of law against those perpetrators apprehended while conducting fraudulent activities on its website. We work with local, national and international fraud investigation agencies, and employ a variety of electronic and other means to discourage, detect and intercept fraudulent activities.