Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How long are you doing this business?

We’re working since 2010 in the online gaming service business. Initially we were working for a bigger company that did a retail business with game services. We did not enjoy the quality claims the company had. Quantity over quality. So we decided to make our own brand to finally be able to focus on quality service!

Do you love what you’re doing?

Of course! We’ve been gamers since we can think. We are living our dream: Turning our hobby into our profession. And we are on a mission: We want to help others experience the fun of gaming, whatever skill-level or time commitment they have. We love games and we want to share that love with the entire world!

Where are you guys from?

Our team is spread all around the planet. Originally we were based in Western Europe, but as we can essentially work from anywhere, people from all over the world joined our team. Some of us don’t even have a fixed home, but travel the world as digital nomads.

What are your availabilities for delivery and support?

We try to be here for you as much as possible. Our standard business hours for support and item delivery are from 9am – 12pm (UTC+1/GMT+1).

In many cases you can reach us outside of the standard business hours. Just contact us whenever you need us!

Are you able to do custom orders/requests?

Our team is full of elite professional players who can get any job done. We always strive to offer our customers the best service and experience, and we can basically cover anything you can imagine.

We cover the most common services in our shop, and we offer custom services for 100% customer satisfaction. Please contact us via Skype, Discord or e-mail to talk about your ideas!

Do you offer Discounts or Promotions?

Yes we do! We regularly send out coupons for our registered customers and their friends.

However, first-time customers will not receive a discount by asking for one. In general, you will need to receive a discount either from us directly, or if you are friends with one of our existing customers.

I have a lot of currency, can I sell to you?

Probably not. We have very strict rules about purchasing currencies from third-party providers. However, you may prove us wrong by making your case via e-mail.

Are you hiring? I’m interested in working for you!

Probably not. We almost exclusively recruit through our network, as we require the highest levels of gaming experience and proficiency, customer service levels, trustworthiness, reliability, and ethics. Our customers can expect an exceptional service experience from us, therefore we only work with seasoned professionals.

If you do not know anyone in our network, and you believe you belong on our team, you can make your case via e-mail. You will need to impress us though. :)

Power-Leveling Questions

Is Power-Leveling legal?

In many games, account sharing is against the Terms of Service. However, most game distributors see account sharing as a trivial delict and don’t spend much effort with investigations. Further, there is no country in which account sharing is illegal by law.

In any case, we do not take security lightly, since we know how valuable your account is to you. It is to us as well! We take multiple prevention measurements to secure your account. For example, we guarantee a unique IP address, based on your geolocation, a unique Hardware ID, a unique MAC address and more. For the game distributor it looks like you are playing from your laptop at work or at a friend’s place. We have never had any permanent suspensions of a client due to one of our services, and we intend to keep it this way.

What happens if - against all odds - I get banned for using your services?

Should this ever happen, we will refund your purchase and assist you to regain your account.

My order is paid and confirmed. When will you start working on my order?

Gaming on Top always tries to start your order as fast as possible. Please understand that we’re humans and need to sleep as well. We do not hire anyone to work 24/7 as this might compromise our quality guarantee and the security of your account.

For power-levelling services, we usually start working within a few hours of the order, depending on the extent of order and the game. Unless you place your order in our late evening (UTC+1) or “higher forces” such as e.g. server maintenance work prevents us from logging into your account, we guarantee to start working on your account within 24 hours after you placed your order.

Also, the time depends on your availability to send us the access code in games like Elder Scrolls Online or if you’re using the Steam Client for your game. Please try to be available to help avoiding any delays.

I’m using the Steam client or my standalone client asks for an access code on a new account login. How do you guys handle that?

In games that require authentication, we trigger the access code and notify you once it’s done via e-mail. The e-mail will contain instructions how to proceed, please follow these instructions as soon as possible to avoid delays in your order.

We recommend to contact us via Skype or Discord to sort out the access code, so that we can get started right away.

Can I play my account while you guys work on my order?

Unfortunately you cannot play at the same time as we work on your order. However, you can contact us to agree on a custom time schedule. We will let you know when we will login your account to work on the mission, so you can play in our offline times. We recommend to give us full access during the entire order time to speed up the order and avoid possible delays.

How can I trust you guys?

We understand that you may feel concerned about your account. We know how valuable your account is for you.

We have been working since 2010 and have not had an unhappy client so far.

Everyone we work with is screened and briefed thoroughly. We almost exclusively hire through our existing network, and we never hire people we don’t know or have any reason to mistrust. Our hiring procedure is extremely strict: We only work with elite professionals who love gaming and are experts in their game, understand our customer service level requirements, know how to to behave in the game, and are genuinely motivated by supporting others and a strong sense of ethics.

My order is delayed? What’s going on?

This does not happen usually, however it is impossible to completely exclude this possibility.

Keep in mind that game servers can have maintenances, server performance issues and other problems that could possibly delay our progress.

We promise to always work as hard as possible to finish your order in time. On 99.96% of our orders, we finish an order sooner than the estimated time of completion.

Currency/Gold-related Questions

Is buying currency legal?

In many games, buying currency is against the Terms of Service. However, there is no country in which buying in-game currency is illegal by law.

We have never seen any measures take place against any of our customers. We always aim to use the most secure delivery methods in all games we offer services in. However, it is not possible to 100% guarantee that absolutely no measures against your accounts will be taken and we cannot take responsibility for possible damages.

What happens if - against all odds - I get banned for using your services?

Should this ever happen, we will refund your purchase and assist you to regain your account.

How do you deliver my purchase?

We always try to deliver via face-2-face if the game allows that, as it’s the most secure way to trade goods in-game. If this is inconvenient for you, or the game does not allow direct trading we will use in-game mails or auctions.

Please refer to your order confirmation email. It contains further instructions.

How fast will you deliver my order?

Gaming on Top always tries to deliver as fast as possible. During our business hours (9am-12pm, UTC+1), we usually deliver within 10-15 minutes!

We always have a big stock and never offer products we don’t have in storage, so we can provide extremely fast deliveries. We guarantee a delivery within 12 hours for all our currency products – however as mentioned previously, we are usually much, much faster.

Can we agree on a custom delivery time/timeframe?

Yes of course! Please contact us on Skype, Discord or e-mail and let us know your desired delivery time.

Payment-related Questions

Can I get a refund for my order?

If we haven’t started working on your order or already delivered the goods, you can cancel your order and receive a refund. In all other cases unfortunately, we cannot give any refunds.

My order has been paid. What happens next?

As soon the payment is done, you will receive an email with further information and easy-to-follow instructions.

All your prices are listed in USD. Can I pay in another currency?

We are planning to offer prices in various currencies, but for now we only offer payments in US Dollar.

Payment verification? What’s that and why?

For security purpose we may ask you to verify your order by submitting us following documents:

  • A government-issued photo identification document, such as a passport, driver’s license, country/state ID. Your name and date of birth must be visible and must match the information in your PayPal account or order. The ID number must also be visible. This identification document must be valid and not expired, and three (3) edges of the document must be visible. Please note that we do not accept photo IDs as a proof of address.
  • Proof of address, such as a recurring bank statement, credit card statement, phone bill or utility bill. The name and address must match with the information listed in your PayPal account or order. Please ensure that the name and recurring statement date are visible and that it is dated within the last 4 months.
  • Your phone number. We might call you to confirm your order.

Please ensure that the documents are clearly visible, are in .jpeg or .pdf format, and are under 3 MB in size. Once your documents have been submitted, they will be reviewed for approval. Please allow up to 24 hours for your documents to be reviewed for approval.

Please do not take it personally if we ask you to validate and confirm your provided data with us. We apologize for any inconveniences that may result from this process.

Some purchases may be subject to additional verification to ensure the credit card holder or PayPal account owner has authorized the purchase. This additional verification is done for your protection. If additional verification is necessary, we will contact you via email with further instructions.

I don’t want to verify myself.

If you do not wish to provide us with the requested information, we will automatically cancel your order and refund your payment after 48 hours.