We love gaming and want the world to join us.

Talk to us if you need some support from the best gaming collective in the world. We are available on Skype and Discord.


We are a global collective of full-time professional MMO players working together for a better game experience.

We believe that gamers deserve a premium experience, no matter what skill level or how much time they have. We help players of all levels participate fully in the action.


We love our games and are proud to be among the most elite players around. We know how to get things done In every game we are active in. Our players collect experience at least since the opening of the beta version. As a collective with a global network, we can offer exclusive premium services that require the highest skill levels, extensive preparation, and creating player alliances.

Our clients can expect exceptionally high service quality from us: Native English speaker support, fast delivery times, and daily reports for multi-day missions. Since we are people, and not bots, in order to maintain our rapid response principles, we are only open to new missions for 16 hours a day.


Of course we NEVER use any bots, exploits, cheats or similiar. All our missions are executed by actual players from Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, UK, New York and California with high-powered accounts, maxed-out characters, and a lot of experience in the game.

We know about the value of our clients’ accounts and are extremely concerned with your security. We use VPN IPs in your country and UNIQUE hardware IDs for each account. We are 99.9% secure from any bans: We have never received any permanent suspensions or bans on any account of any customer in any game. We take multiple prevention measures to ensure 100% satisfaction of our clients.